System For Recording the Sun's Path Across the Sky

Inspired by traditional Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder’s, the Met Office’s official sunshine hours metering method in which the suns radiation is magnified to scorch marks into daily sun cards. The same technology can be used as a simple yet alluring mark making system. Permanently transcribed across individual hand turned wooden bowls, the sun’s energy is captured and recorded as it moves across the sky. The direction, intensity and consistency are dependent on time, location and the interjections of the surrounding environment; each scorched path is completely individual. The process of the event becomes a ritual in itself, becoming as important to the piece as the resultant outcome. The piece can be used to mark a particular day or event of significance or simply self decorate through use, making a connection to it’s time and place.

London Plane, Sycamore, glass sphere, nickel.

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