Living Memorial Stone

An alternative and contemporary memorial which celebrates life rather than simply marking death. The Living Memorial Stone consists of two key layers. The outer layer comprises a seed, nut and animal fat composite designed to feed a range of wildlife including birds, squirrels and mice. The inner layer is a tube of compost containing a tree seed encased in a wicker tube and wrapped in bio-degradable cardboard. In a planting ritual, representative of a final salutation to the dead, the piece is part buried in the ground, then as the outer layer is consumed by animals, the card tube degrades and the tree seed begins to sprout with the wicker acting as a marker and a support for the growing tree. The contents of the seed mix and the type of tree seed is variable depending on personal preference, seasons and or location.

The stone provides a foundation for new life in remembrance of that lost. Ever-growing and ever-changing, creating a place of memorial that can be enjoyed by all and is beneficial to the environment and local wildlife. It can be a stand-alone memorial or a compliment to a natural or tradition burial or the site of scattered ashes. The Living Memorial Stone is a celebration and remembrance of the life of a person, not a reminder of their death.

The piece won The Future Perfect Company's Designing For the Future competition and was featured on the Response Source website.

Shortlisted in the top 160 from 2,050 entries as part of the designboom DESIGN FOR DEATH competition. Click here for link.

Available on request.