Carafes Shaped by Precipitation Data

Weather data is collected all year round for various meteorological science purposes. The data is analysed and translated into confusing facts and figures and the beauty and simplicity of the raw data is lost. A simple precipitation graph can create the profile of a carafe. A form that is easily read by anyone, each layer represents rainfall over a given period, allowing instant comparison of the change in weather patterns.

With 2011 being one of the driest years on record and more droughts predicted this year, the 100-year East Anglia Spring Carafe demonstrates the extremity of this, while the two Eastbourne carafes compare rainfall levels 100 years apart. Beyond the simple poetry between rain and the holding of water, the carafes become reminder of the constant change in weather in our environments and a subtle dialogue between water management issues and the potential involvement of changing global weather climates.

Showcased at Up and Beyond the University of Brighton Faculty of Arts and Design Graduate Show, 9-14 June 2012 and the Brighton Eco Technology Show, AMEX Stadium, 15 - 16 June, 2012.