Assistant to Peter Marigold.

A larger interpretation of Peter's Palindrome series where furniture pieces are half mould and half cast conjoining to create a single piece. However the invitation to realise furniture for a large space suggested a different approach and the idea of two tables one creating the other was explored.

One table is created in heavy grained rough sawn oak which is then used as a mould to create the other cast piece. The, two standing end to end, form reflections of each other.

Running around the two tables are a series of stools and benches which again are mould and cast. As with the original Palindrome series the tables are engraved with a palindromic word: ‘WASSAMASSAW’ while the seating forms an entire phrase based on the client’s personal collections when put together: ‘WAS IT A CAR OR A CAT I SAW’

The project was commissioned by DZEK.